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Cellular Providers are Being Put on Notice

Cellular providers are continually telling us that they have the best plans for us. The plans are new and improved to give us just what we need… at an excessive cost. The latest smartphone has the most “amazing” new features… but they aren’t innovative at all. NEBI.MOBI is the most cost-effective, innovative service and smartphone to ever hit the market. Cell phone providers think they have a lock on the services, but NEBI.MOBI, with your help, is going to show them how it’s really done.

What Cellular Telephone Services Don’t Tell You—AKA The Deception

Telephone data is transformed from analog to digital content. All cell phone plans indicate a separation between talking minutes, number of text messages, and amount of data use. These are actually all the same service, provided the same way. By separating them and limiting amounts of each one for different packages, they deceive consumers into believing that different rates should apply to talk, text, and data. Why are we paying three different rates with different limitations for the same thing? All of these services are digitally provided. They should all be unlimited at one low price. This is a sales gimmick and it locks customers into two year contracts and fees for overages that are outrageous.

No More Hype, Just Honesty and Innovation

We need to move away from the hype and misleading information of cellular providers and their famous two year contracts and three prices for the same service. Instead of depending on cellular network signals, at NEBI.MOBI we are using Wi-Fi based network signals and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies to deliver superior service without the inflated price tag. These technologies are capable of supporting talk, text, and data – which is really all just data. This will bring smartphones to an entirely new level of capability and accessibility. That’s right, innovation in the mobile industry. This is a rare gem.

Can I use VOIP?

VOIP technology has become increasingly efficient. Our codecs secure encrypted connections and maintain lightning-fast data transfer speed. Smartphone designs, whether you consider ours or your current phone, have advanced to the point of being able to support VOIP apps reliably.

Is Wi-Fi Up to the Challenge?

Wi-Fi is not controlled by government agencies and does not incur huge government-related fees and taxes. Wi-Fi signals have increased in capability and availability to a point that makes it faster and easier to access from a growing number of sources every day. We believe that free public Wi-Fi access should be available in every city. Free public access should be provided by each city’s leaders as a show of understanding of the importance of communication and connection in today’s world. One of our goals with funding of NEBI.MOBI is to increase advocacy nationwide for free public Wi-Fi in entire cities. Until we fully succeed, you can supplement your Wi-Fi access points through data-only cellular plans for achieving a wider coverage area, and still enjoy substantial savings compared to your traditional smartphone bills. You deserve to be able to connect wherever you are, without having to search for a free hotspot or pay a cellular service for data usage.

CHOICE: When is the Last Time You Were REALLY Given a Choice?

NEBI.MOBI services allow you to use EVE 008 or your own smartphone. You get to choose. This is real choice. No contracts attached. We refuse to impose limits like cell providers.

The Science and More

Cellular networks, Wi-Fi, VoIP, expanding network infrastructures, GSM, codecs, telecom providers… It can be overwhelming. We have done the research, studied the options, explored the field, experimented, and applied the science. We have designed and manufactured a value-oriented smartphone capable of operating via Wi-Fi or current mobile carriers. Our Android OS has been boosted for higher power efficiency. We have submitted for trademarks, secured FCC license approvals, negotiated service contracts, and coded and test our apps and service architecture.

As we begin, we will need a lot of subscribers with current Wi-Fi optimized VOIP devices to help us drive down the wholesale minutes pricing from telecom servers. We want to make sure that we can support the greatest number of customers with optimal bandwidth for a positive user experience.

Another use of funds will be the deployment of free public Wi-Fi coverage. We want to expand the availability to more places so that everyone, whether they use our service or not, has access to free public Wi-Fi.

My wife and I believe in innovation. We believe in this project. We have invested time and money into establishing as much as we can and now we need help to get this project off the ground and let it fly. Your donation will be a part of a new era of smartphone services. The funds raised will be used to launch the platform, acquire users, and drive down the price of our devices and services. Higher volume equals lower costs to consumers. We need to pay for high-end telecom servers to ensure proper levels of bandwidth for the best experience for our customers. Funds will also help us deploy our plans for increased free Wi-Fi coverage.


Be a REBEL—Revolutionary Evolution Backer for Escape from Limitations. Escape from the constraints of the same old mobile delivery systems that have been around forever. They keep charging more because they think we are trapped. It’s time to show them that the Innovation Revolution has started and you are a part of it. How many times does an opportunity like this present itself? In this industry, not very often. In fact, almost never. Be a REBEL and join the revolution. It’s like the Boston Tea Party for the 21st century.

Can I Really Make a Difference and What’s in it for Me Besides Awesome REBEL status?

To be a part of NEBI.MOBI, you can do two things. First, you can spread the word. Tell people about us. Tell them what we are doing. Show them the EVE 008 specs and cool features. See how your friends and connections feel about freedom from cellular carriers and expensive plans and devices. Link to our campaign. Use your social media to help us educate people about our project. Tell them to be a REBEL! Encourage people to unchain themselves from the cellular carriers who hold them captive! They take your business for granted believing you have no alternative. BUT YOU DO. We need you to help us get this message out! Help the Revolution grow. Add to our REBELs! Second, you can make a monetary contribution to help us finish up funding the project. We’ve done a lot on our own, but we still need some help. As for you, there are some really awesome perks and rewards for making donations. T-shirts, parties, free smartphones, starring in our advertising, and naming our next mobile device model are up for grabs along with other thank you gifts. In fact, the first 50 backers at the $149 level will receive an EVE 008 with our thanks! The best reward will be your freedom from cellular providers. Let’s face it, we’re all sick of their manipulations. If we cannot reach our goal on Indiegogo, it will be impossible for us to secure competitive pricing from potential vendors in a timely manner. If we can reach our goal, we will be able to pass along cost savings to our customers. We want to provide you with unlimited mobile service for $60 per year or less, and an affordable, efficient, optimized mobile device for the lowest possible cost to you without requiring any contracts. This is the first REAL innovation in the mobile industry and you can be a part of it. Claim your status as a founder of the new wave. How cool is that? Achievement of our goal will allow us to move to our Stretch Goals, including specialized EVE 008 cases and extra batteries.

Who Are You, Anyway?

I am Nebi Cem Erdogan, and with my wife Eve, we are completely dedicated to this project. I have studied at Columbia University and MIT to explore economics, strategy, and innovation management. I have worked at several Fortune 500 companies. I am passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. We are ready to take on whatever challenges come with our commitment to the NEBI.MOBI project. And we want you to be a part of it. We are so grateful for each and every contribution made. Your belief in the success of NEBI.MOBI and EVE 008 is a gift for which we are very thankful.

Please become a part of our plan to make smartphone services fairly priced and available to more people. Be a part of innovation. Be someone who creates change. Be a REBEL And let’s just teach those cellular providers a lesson or two while we’re at it.