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EVE 008 : Smartphones for Smarter People

EVE 008 : Smartphones for Smarter People
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EVE 008 is our remarkable touchscreen smartphone. It actually has a replaceable battery that will eliminate the need for bulky charging cases or a tangle of charging cords and panicked searches for places to charge your phone. Two phone lines can be combined on one device by using two SIM card services simultaneously, eliminating the need for a work and home cell phone, lightening the load in your purse or pocket. An SD slot allows for expansion and transfer of data without dealing with additional technology or apps. Data is saved even if the phone is damaged. EVE 008 doesn’t carry the price tag of smartphones with half of it’s capability. That doesn’t begin to describe what EVE 008 can do for you.

Dual SIM Card
It doesn't matter if you have the standard, or the micro sized SIM card. There is a proper slot to fit either one. You could also run two independent cellular lines simultaneously even if they are from different carriers. Stop carrying two seperate devices for work and personal use. How about saving money by reserving one SIM card for a cheaper talk/text plan, and another for a 3G/4G data-only plan from a different carrier, instead of buying much more expensive smartphone plans from the same carrier?

Quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 Mhz)
World-Wide compatibility. Your phone is going to be able to make calls at anywhere in the world at any GSM based operator.

4G network data speeds
T-Mobile, AT&T, Metro PCS, Lycamobile, Cricket, and more...

Android 4.2.2
This is the most stable Android O/S version out there, which comes with Google Play Store access for downloading millions of Android apps from A-to-Z, but no pre-loaded bulky carrier apps in it. We made optimizations for better WiFi calling efficiency and battery power management; but kept it lean and free of unremovable add-on apps.

Quad-core 1.3 GHz Processor
Imagine replacing a 3-cylinder engine with a 12-cylinder turbo engine, and that is the effect of a quad-core processor running your apps. Each of the 4 independent processing cores clock 1.3 GHz speed while managing multiple apps simultaneously. 3D games render so much smoother, apps launch so much faster, and battery lasts so much longer.

The most resource demanding mobile apps will be a breeze to operate. Only couple of years ago, only your computers might have such memory. This much RAM is enough to do video editing on your device.

SD Card slot for storage expansion
You don't need to backup your precious data and personal pictures on cloud servers. Save everything on a removable flash memory card similar to that in your digital camera. Put in a bigger storage card as you need more space. No need to buy a new phone because you have taken too many pictures to save in your phone. If you damage your device, just take your memory card out, and everything is saved without any repair cost.

IPS bright screen, 4.5 inch multi-touch
Very responsive multi-touch screen with IPS technology. 4.5 inch screen size is the perfect balance between the larger screen view and the comfortable pocket fit.

8MP back camera with LED flash light
Auto focus and enhanced clarity with photo editing tools in your phone. LED flash light helps to capture more light in dark environments.

2MP front facing camera
Your selfie shots will look more beautiful with the advanced camera software in this amazing new smartphone. Your video chats will look better too!

FM Radio
Noise canceling headphones are included for free with your device. Use them or any other standard 3.5 mm jack to listen to your favorite FM radio station without using your cellular data plan.

Assisted-GPS locates you accurately even under low satellite signal thanks to aggregating information from cellular towers and WiFi access points.

Bluetooth 4.0
Latest low power consuming Bluetooth pairing technology. Quickly searches and securely connects to all types of Bluetooth capable devices.

WiFi and mobile AP
Capable of securely broadcasting its 3G/4G data connection, hence providing shared internet access to your other WiFi devices.

Ultra-slim body, 0.346 inch thin
Ultra-slim durable body leaves room for a protective case yet still maintains a very slim profile. The phone with it’s battery weighs less than 130 gr. Your phone's power use under WiFi connections is radically reduced, so you can do more online.

Lithium swappable battery, 2000 mAh
All lithium batteries have a limited number of recharging cycles, that's why your full charge lasts less and less in time. If a battery is not made easily replaceable by the end-users, you will either pay expensive repair fees to get it replaced or need to replace a perfectly functional smartphone. You may swap batteries quickly so there is no need to worry about recharging your phone on the go. How many times has your battery run out of power in the middle of an important call/text leaving you waiting for hours before you could finish your conversation/text ? The 2000 mAh battery means a lot of charge capacity to last on your longest day.

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Protective Case for EVE 008
Protective Case for EVE 008
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